Summer 2008
in The Wallachian Kingdom
By Eyes of Gemtree Software, Czech Republic, 2008


New Wallachian business is here!
New universal relaxation for all programmers all over the world by Peter & J&J
Manufacturing Plant
Back SENOSLAMA bureau
and its first product
Back shopping place
and its first product again
Detail of the new business subject
Hi, Welcome and come in My Wallachian special shop
Don't hesitate and buy
a bit of senoslama in my shop
Use of senoslama can vary,
it is ideal for hide-and-seek games

Only for a solid interested persons: senoslama at gemtree dot com

Intellectual, production, & financial bases:
Silicon 2008
Gemtree Software - Visual tool for playing with programming
New technologies & machines AWSM, SQM for slicing of Si ingots and other hard materials